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Porsche Foxx gone from V-103 again
By Rodney Ho

Porsche Foxx is gone from V-103 —Â again. Her boss Reggie Rouse sent out an email this morning confirming her departure.

I have no details otherwise. She’s already been taken off parts of the V-103 Web site, such as this list of Veejays. Her name is still floating about though on some pages

Foxx was on air several years in the afternoon slot until late 2004. She was arrested for a DUI with pot possession and no license. She eventually had some jail time, probation and rehab.

In 2007, V-103 gave her a second shot, this time at mid-days. She has been on for about 17 months. She’s had solid ratings, in line with the rest of the station, which is consistently No. 1.

Is this a good move? Did you like her the second time around as much as the first?