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To me, this is his best song …

[youtube Wl54ABY8VgY]

Here me out. It’s a tough call between this and ‘gotta keep ya head up’ which essentially ties similar themes of mistreatment/abuse/disrespect towards women but also speaks on larger societal issues. I think most people would put that song as his best but I think in ‘Brenda’ – tupuc put a very strong concentrated message that really hits you deep to your bones about a specific story about a girl (one we may have know ourselves) that is a reflection (microcosm) of the larger societal issues facing our society.

Dear mama is also the same way.

What’s interesting is that ‘keep your head up’ perhaps is a better sample of who tupac really was if someone never heard any of his songs because it carries all the themes he later perfected in his other songs.

For instance, in keep your head up, he mentioned abuse toward women (perfected in Brenda), family problems (perfected in dear mama), losing friends(perfected in life goes on), etc.

[youtube JlQcJAjYxaI]

So while many people think ‘keep your head up’ is his best, I’d argue that in Brenda, his ability to tell Brenda’s story in a concentrated and concise story line that touches about societal problems (such as poor parenting, neglect towards women, poverty, etc.) is the production of a song that cannot and has not been replicated. I mean, many rappers find it hard to find a theme in a song and rap about everything is a disorganized manner not making sense, let alone have decent rymes to match them and perhaps most importantly: lyrics.

Just my thoughts about tupac’s music… I was listening to Lupe Fiasco’s Streets on Fire, who I like and think makes good music but even that song is only a fraction of what tupac’s songs capture. Aside from a few hip hop/rap artists, I fear that hip hop/rap is headed for a serious decline in quality themes/lyrics/rymes in the next decade. I mean, we’ve progressively heard worse and worse combinations of themes/lyrics/rymes in music since the late to mid 90s, and all the new “talent” that has emerged has progressively gets worse and worse.