Posted By: tian

I think even the Republicans think the McCain campaign is a wrap. Even conservative pundits are disparaged about the campaign and they are slowly coming to grips that there very well will be an Obama administration. They are seeing the White House slip away. And now, it’s up to another “Hail Mary” strategy of just going negative again Obama and breaking out Rev. Wright. That’s all they have left.

That being said, the strategy now has turned to limiting Obama to one term. That’s the strategy. And Sarah Palin is central to that strategy. Let me show you:

If and when McCain loses Nov. 4th, you will see the following:

1. Fox News will begin ripping John McCain. They will happen almost immediately. They will fault him for running a terrible campaign. They would put the blame of losing the White House squarely on him. They will talk bad about his antics and strategies, but they will ostracize him because he campaigned and voted for the bail-out bill.

2. They will tie McCain to George Bush, but they will tie the bailout bill to the Democrats. That’s already happening. And they will say that it’s the Democrats’ fault that we have such a large debt.

3. They will look to a “Savior that will return the Republican Party to the values of Ronald Reagan.” They will say that the Republican Party lost their way, and that we need someone who is like Ronald Reagan who can lead the Republican Party back to the Glory years.

4. They will prop up Sarah Palin as the next person who holds the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin, when she goes home in defeat, will take the Republican Party home with her. They will consistently draw similarities between Palin and Reagan- all the way down to her quotes and idioms of “There you go again” that Ronald Reagan first said during the 1980 debates.

So Sarah Palin isn’t going away. They will take her, groom her, and make her a thorn in the side of Barack Obama. And in 2012, she will run for President as the female Ronald Reagan- a governor with star quality, Pro-life, and is a champion of the little guy. A tax- cutter and de-regulator.

And they will tie the deficit to Obama, and say that he was President when the country held the biggest deficit in US history.