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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
[youtube 5JNpWzTOuj8&hl=en&fs=1]

Force Md”s Memories
[youtube 2qM88zwOcoc&hl=ja&fs=1]

Tender Love
[youtube jhjQLPWkYBo&hl=ja&fs=1]

Sagat “Funk Dat”

Oct 15, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Humor, Music

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[youtube iOFKU_hwj2o]

Elect Obama (remix)” Big Hit Buda

Oct 15, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Music

Posted By: Damn Right

not bad

[youtube 83lum1XcOug]

DJ Quik is a damn SNITCH! yeah i SAID IT

Oct 12, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Music

Posted By: keone

Dr Dre Has Recorded 400 Songs For His New Album!!
Snoop Dogg is back in the studio with Dre

[youtube 1sMT-64Ntrg]

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[youtube HVz69Qdyg-c]

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Any real hip heads on this site?
Who remembers this Artist named Tightman? On dude myspace page u can hea this song and beat called the UNDRERDOG.. and umm well He got this beat 1st from 9th wonder but to no avail i guess. . but this beat is RAW…. shows u why 9th wonder has the best ear than any producer out right now…. im so glad Ludacris has not lost his hip hop roots….. i dont know bout yall but this song and beat got a nigga geeked……. ima keep digging and see if i can find the actual single……

Rest n Beats J-Dilla

Love is Luv

[youtube gJ6hx43n6YA]

John Legend Feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light

Oct 9, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Music, Soul Music

Two of my favorite Artist together. Andre 3000 is a Genius. In another era John Legend would be as big as Stevie Wonder.

[youtube x5brurMQodM]

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[youtube qZiEFdAh9lY]


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