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New Star Trek Trailer and Images

Nov 23, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Ecomomy, Movies

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[youtube lmJO3ppLBsk]

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The special effects look nice tho the trailer starts off slow looking….

[youtube A_bNDv0-ZrU]

W. the movie now playing in theaters

Oct 18, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Movies

I can’t wait to see this movie. I hope Oliver Stone sticks to the facts as best he can. There is no need to exaggerate when you have a subject like George W. Bush. Busk provides enough entertainment if you just play him straight. His presidency would be funny, if it wasn’t for the tremendous loss of life on his watch – Veston

[youtube weELpc3pYMs]

Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening

Oct 5, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Entertainment, Movies

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Tyler Perry Studios marks historic opening with a party

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Twenty photos from the Grand Opening:…-perry-studios

Technically, Atlanta director Tyler Perry had the evening off Saturday night as he introduced thousands of formally attired guests to the new 30-acre Tyler Perry Studios facility in southwest Atlanta.

But from the grand opening fireworks to the strains of “Amazing Grace,” the director’s trademark flourishes were everywhere as Hollywood legends Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee and Louis Gossett Jr. gathered with Oprah Winfrey, Hank and Billye Aaron, Andrew and Carolyn Young, Will Smith, Barry Bonds and others to celebrate the first major television and movie studio owned and run by an African-American film producer.

“I never dreamed I would witness this in my lifetime,” Tyson, an Oscar nominee for “Sounder”, reflected on the red carpet. “What I’ve been able to achieve in my career is minuscule in comparison to this.”

Posing for pictures on the red carpet with the studio’s owner, Oscar-winner Poitier told the crowd: “I’ve spent 56 years in this business, and tonight is the reward. To see the people who have followed me and to see the success of the extent of this man is a real gift.”

Inside, Perry had a surprise waiting for Poitier, Tyson and Dee. On the movie lot’s Main Street, just past East 34th Street and the Luminesce Light and Lamp Shop, banners unfurled down the fake brownstones to reveal the Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Stage Three, the Cicely Tyson Stage Two and the Sidney Poitier Stage One.

In front of a cheering crowd, Poitier was overcome with emotion as his likeness unspooled in front of him. He majestically pointed his index finger at the applauding crowd and smashed a bottle of bubbly on the wall to christen it. Champagne sparkled on his black tuxedo jacket as he wiped the tears from his eyes with a handkerchief.

Across the way, a large pond was lit in gold light as a screen appeared in the water to reveal a film hosted by Perry, explaining how he found the abandoned former airline reservations center two years ago.

“I looked at the abandoned buildings and I thought, ‘There’s no way,’ ” Perry said on the film. “Then I saw what I thought was debris on the front gates. I looked closer and realized someone had taped Bible Scriptures on the gate. Then I knew. I jumped in full steam with no fear. Nothing but the grace of God has brought me to this place.”

A singer emerged from a stage on the water to perform “The Impossible Dream” as fireworks blazed overhead.

Tears streamed down the faces of the attendees as waiters quietly offered tissues in red velvet boxes.

Both former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young and former Brave and home run king Henry Aaron expressed how thrilled they were that Perry chose an often neglected section of the city for the multi-million dollar facility.

“It’s an absolute blessing for Atlanta,” Young said.

Added Aaron: “It’s wonderful to see him giving back to this neighborhood. Even when the city hosted the Olympics, this area never received this kind of assistance.”…y_studio

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[youtube euafWnqidko]

Will Smith : Seven Pounds

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[youtube f1fZSemg3iM]

Spike Lee fears spat with Clint Eastwood will cost him an Oscar – link

American film director Spike Lee fears that the public argument he had with American actor Clint Eastwood may have botched any chances of him winning an Oscar.

Lee had criticised Eastwood for the lack of African-Americans in his war epics ‘Flags of Our Fathers’ and ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’.

The director now fears that the controversy, which has risen from his remarks, may have ruined his chances of getting an Academy Award for his new movie ‘Miracle at St. Anna’.

“My wife Tonya told me I may have hurt my chances with the Clint Eastwood stuff… They (Oscar voters and Academy bosses) take everything into account with me. They take into account that I like the Knicks or that I’m in New York,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling King magazine.

Lee believes that being a New Yorker has already cost him an Oscar Best Director nomination in the past.

“If you did a survey, the bulk of the people who vote in the Academy are in Los Angeles. There’s definite bias, considering that my films are typically New York-based,” he said.

To clarify what he meant, he stated upon how his movie ‘Do The Right Thing’ was not even considered for an Oscar the year ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ claimed Best Film.

“Nobody is watching motherf**king Driving Miss Daisy today. Do The Right Thing is being taught in classes at major universities and high schools all over the world. That’s how you’re supposed to test art. Does the work stand up?” he added. (ANI)

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