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Posted By: gameboy

not trying to stereotype,,, all Black men are NOT players,,, & many different races of men wish to be macks & players,,, but you have to admit, it’s more prevalent amongst Black men,,, & not just young men, many of you know kats in their 40’s thru 60’s still trying to be a player,,, why is that?

LMAO! Terry Tate “Weighs In” on Sarah Palin

Oct 19, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Comedy, Humor

Posted By: Dert Bagg

Terry Tate, an American Football linebacker who “gives out the pain” to those in the office who are not obeying office policies.

[youtube 07kO9TtHYzQ]

John McCain doing Comedy at Al Smith Dinner

Oct 17, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Humor, Politics

Yea, I’m pro Obama, I’ll admit it, but you have to give it up for John McCain at the Al Smith dinner last night. He was funny as hell to the local Hero (me). He delivered his lines well, and at the end of his routine he was very gracious.

McCain aint all bad, he is a was Hero

[youtube Goaj5V4tZoc]

Posted By: FU%#YOU

Tommy Davidson as Varnell on the Martin Show

Oct 16, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Entertainment, Humor

Posted By: Efil4Zaggin

This is a funny as hell Clip featuring Tommy Davidson from the Martin Show. I like the part where he start singing.

[youtube v5lCzfSwcgE]

Sagat “Funk Dat”

Oct 15, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Humor, Music

Posted By: gearofwar06

[youtube iOFKU_hwj2o]

George Carlins Football vs Baseball

Oct 11, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Comedy, Humor

This video is from George Carlin’s Football vs Baseball sketch, Carlin was a comedic genius, he passed June 22 2008, he will be missed.

[youtube 7WallEDRs0M]

Obama prepping for the last debate with McCain..LMAO

Oct 11, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Humor, Politics

Posted By: geechiedan

[youtube Qt_TnQqkVyk]


Oct 9, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Entertainment, Humor

Posted By: Drayonis

Sup fellas. Been out of the game for a while, Got married, did a lot of traveling and lounging. My computer crashed, had to build a new one and finally when I finally started writing, drawing and inking again Hurricane Ike hit and smashed up a portion of my business. After all of that and much encouragement from my lovely wife I finally got #5 of TDY finished. Please swing buy and read. Your feed back is much appreciated.


Oct 8, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Humor, Opinions

Posted By: gameboy

i don’t know too many native French folks in the hood,,, yet there are a lot of Black people who have “wanna be” French names that start with “La” & “De”,,, i know some of you reading this thread have one too,,, what is the origin of Black people with French names?,,,

(the list goes on and on,,,)


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