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Eartha Kitt: That Purr is sexy as hell!!!

Oct 21, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Entertainment, Music, Soul Music

Posted By: geechiedan

I remember when Eartha Kitt played Catwoman in the old Batman series, I thought she was so damn good looking with a killer body. whhheeeeeewwww – Veston

After singing this joint she really COULD SEE &%#$!!
Also… I LOVE how this was shot…playing with the reflections and focus was great.. – geechiedan

[youtube b5WVkl_f7_E]

Who could play her now in a biopic??


Posted By: ClevelandDawg216

[youtube 4PI1CEniLIk]

Four Tops frontman Levi Stubbs dies at 72

Oct 18, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Music, R.I.P., Soul Music

This is a big loss as far as I’m concerned, I’m a hell of a lot older than 18 and I remember all of the great hits from the Four Tops. May his soul rest in peace. I comforted by the fact that we will always have their great records to listen to.

Four Tops frontman Levi Stubbs dies at 72


DETROIT (AP) — Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, who possessed one of the most dynamic and emotive voices of all the Motown singers, died Friday at 72. He had been ill recently and died in his sleep at the Detroit house he shared with his wife, said Dana Meah, the wife of a grandson. The Wayne County medical examiner’s office also confirmed the death.

With Stubbs in the lead, the Four Tops sold millions of records, including such hits as “Baby I Need Your Loving,” “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” and “I Can”t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch).”

[youtube 0HQEhuylZmg]

The group performed for more than four decades without a change in personnel. Stubbs’ death leaves one surviving member of the original group: Abdul “Duke” Fakir.

Stubbs “fits right up there with all the icons of Motown,” said Audley Smith, chief operating officer of the Motown Historical Museum. “His voice was as unique as Marvin’s or as Smokey’s or as Stevie’s.”

The Four Tops began singing together in 1953 under the group name the Four Aims and signed a deal with Chess Records. They later changed their names to the Four Tops to avoid being confused with the Ames Brothers. (more…)

Posted By: keysersoze

To me, this is his best song …

[youtube Wl54ABY8VgY]

Here me out. It’s a tough call between this and ‘gotta keep ya head up’ which essentially ties similar themes of mistreatment/abuse/disrespect towards women but also speaks on larger societal issues. I think most people would put that song as his best but I think in ‘Brenda’ – tupuc put a very strong concentrated message that really hits you deep to your bones about a specific story about a girl (one we may have know ourselves) that is a reflection (microcosm) of the larger societal issues facing our society.

Dear mama is also the same way.

What’s interesting is that ‘keep your head up’ perhaps is a better sample of who tupac really was if someone never heard any of his songs because it carries all the themes he later perfected in his other songs.

For instance, in keep your head up, he mentioned abuse toward women (perfected in Brenda), (more…)

Posted By: keysersoze

I’m heard too many arguments that he’s a kid at 17 and what else should be be rapping about at that age. Well, this should conclusively end that argument:

[youtube 4hbwdAOogBw]

Kenyans Love Obama!

Oct 17, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Music, Politics


[liveleak 19a_1224244919]

Posted By: kool

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
[youtube 5JNpWzTOuj8&hl=en&fs=1]

Force Md”s Memories
[youtube 2qM88zwOcoc&hl=ja&fs=1]

Tender Love
[youtube jhjQLPWkYBo&hl=ja&fs=1]

Sagat “Funk Dat”

Oct 15, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Humor, Music

Posted By: gearofwar06

[youtube iOFKU_hwj2o]

Elect Obama (remix)” Big Hit Buda

Oct 15, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Hip Hop, Music

Posted By: Damn Right

not bad

[youtube 83lum1XcOug]

R.I.P Alton Ellis

Oct 12, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Music, R.I.P., Reggae

Posted By: fix_up

Rocksteady star Ellis dies at 70

Reggae star Alton Ellis, known as “the Godfather of rocksteady”, has died at the age of 70.

The Jamaican-born singer, who moved to Britain in the 1970s, achieved fame with a number of hits, including I”m Still in Love and I”m Just a Guy.

He was a leading pioneer of the more laid-back “rocksteady” sound, which came out of Jamaica in the 1960s.

Ellis was still performing until August this year, when he collapsed after a concert in central London.

His manager and agent Trish De Rosa described him as “my guiding star and my inspiration”.

“His life was the music and the stage,” she said. “He was getting a tremendous amount of work right up to the end – it was very difficult to get him to slow down.”

The Jamaican authorities are considering giving Ellis a state funeral, Ms De Rosa added.

The prolific singer, who began his career in the 1950s and fronted vocal group The Flames, was diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

Ellis underwent chemotherapy before returning to the stage, but died in London”s Hammersmith hospital on Friday night.

He leaves more than 20 children.

R.I.P MR ALTON ELLIS ”your truley great singing voice will be missed”
[youtube w3JqGtjuLJk]


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