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Problems with the god hypothesis

Oct 11, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Opinions, Religion

Posted By: boro

I”ve been talking to people about god (principally the god of the abrahamaic faiths) for a fair while now. I commonly meet or engage with people who just don”t understand why I can”t see the ”light”. Here are 11 of my big reasons.

Feel free to add any I”ve missed.

If on the other hand you can explain away these problems, I”m all ears. I”ve never heard a single explanation for any of them that makes sense.

1. The problem of evil – Bad stuff happens randomly to believers and unbelievers alike, and no, we don’t need 10’s of thousands of innocents to be wiped out by tsunamis in order for people to do good things.

2. The multitude of religions, many of which are contradictory. The majority must be incorrect in their belief, and yet believers of different religions claim that their belief gives them the same benefits.

3. God doesn’t seem to do much. Following on from point 2, each god does exactly the same amount, even though most of the gods can’t exist. Therefore the god that does exist does no more than the gods that don’t.


Posted By: ClevelandDawg216

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