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Part One
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Part Two
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I Really like this woman. 🙂


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Sup fellas. Been out of the game for a while, Got married, did a lot of traveling and lounging. My computer crashed, had to build a new one and finally when I finally started writing, drawing and inking again Hurricane Ike hit and smashed up a portion of my business. After all of that and much encouragement from my lovely wife I finally got #5 of TDY finished. Please swing buy and read. Your feed back is much appreciated.

Eminem Voted Best Rapper Alive

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According to Vibe magazine’s fans, Lil Wayne isn’t “The Best Rapper Alive.” He isn’t even in the top two. After weeks of online voting, Eminem was crowned the globe’s top MC in a tournament-style contest.

In a contest on the magazine’s Web site, 64 of today’s top rappers — from MTV News’ reigning “Hottest MC in the Game” Kanye West toRick Ross, Nas and T.I. — were given brackets, similar to NCAA basketball teams during March Madness. Fans began voting on head-to-head matchups in July, with MCs gradually being eliminated until Marshall Mathers was tapped as the ultimate victor this month, beating out Brooklyn lyric guru Jay-Z. Slim Shady received 69 percent of the votes in the finals. The magazine said more than 920,000 votes were cast.

(What do you think of the results of Vibe’s poll? Sound off in the Newsroom blog!)

“It’s obviously an honor to have won the fans’ support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive,” Em said in a statement released Tuesday (October 7). “I don’t think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best, though. Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do. But since Vibe’s offering the distinction, hell yeah, I’ll accept!”

“Vibe is thrilled we could put the debate about the Best Rapper Alive in the hands of the fans,” the mag’s music editor, Sean Fennessey, said. “Eminem isn’t just one of the most successful MCs of all time, he’s also one of the most beloved. The proof is in the voting.”

Vibe will be rolling out Eminem’s win in their November 2008 issue. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will grace the cover of that issue.

The win comes after several years of near-silence from Eminem. Most of his public speaking has been done on his satellite radio station Shade 45 during brief, lighthearted interviews. Eminem appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago, telling listeners he’s been focusing on his own material. During a press run for the movie “Righteous Kill,” Em’s most well-known signee, 50 Cent, said he was in Em’s Detroit home studio working on tracks for his next album Before I Self Destruct. Dr. Dre was also revealed to be working with the two. 50’s album is slated for release on December 9; no release date or title has been announced for Eminem’s next project.

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Elisabeth Hasselback defends the new McCain strategy to attack the character of Barack and attach him to William Ayers.

[youtube 4WGCzCma-NY&hl=en&fs=1]


What started as a pay-per-view sensation during halftime of the Super Bowl has expanded into a league, and Seattle now has its own team

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Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening

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Tyler Perry Studios marks historic opening with a party

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Twenty photos from the Grand Opening:…-perry-studios

Technically, Atlanta director Tyler Perry had the evening off Saturday night as he introduced thousands of formally attired guests to the new 30-acre Tyler Perry Studios facility in southwest Atlanta.

But from the grand opening fireworks to the strains of “Amazing Grace,” the director’s trademark flourishes were everywhere as Hollywood legends Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee and Louis Gossett Jr. gathered with Oprah Winfrey, Hank and Billye Aaron, Andrew and Carolyn Young, Will Smith, Barry Bonds and others to celebrate the first major television and movie studio owned and run by an African-American film producer.

“I never dreamed I would witness this in my lifetime,” Tyson, an Oscar nominee for “Sounder”, reflected on the red carpet. “What I’ve been able to achieve in my career is minuscule in comparison to this.”

Posing for pictures on the red carpet with the studio’s owner, Oscar-winner Poitier told the crowd: “I’ve spent 56 years in this business, and tonight is the reward. To see the people who have followed me and to see the success of the extent of this man is a real gift.”

Inside, Perry had a surprise waiting for Poitier, Tyson and Dee. On the movie lot’s Main Street, just past East 34th Street and the Luminesce Light and Lamp Shop, banners unfurled down the fake brownstones to reveal the Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Stage Three, the Cicely Tyson Stage Two and the Sidney Poitier Stage One.

In front of a cheering crowd, Poitier was overcome with emotion as his likeness unspooled in front of him. He majestically pointed his index finger at the applauding crowd and smashed a bottle of bubbly on the wall to christen it. Champagne sparkled on his black tuxedo jacket as he wiped the tears from his eyes with a handkerchief.

Across the way, a large pond was lit in gold light as a screen appeared in the water to reveal a film hosted by Perry, explaining how he found the abandoned former airline reservations center two years ago.

“I looked at the abandoned buildings and I thought, ‘There’s no way,’ ” Perry said on the film. “Then I saw what I thought was debris on the front gates. I looked closer and realized someone had taped Bible Scriptures on the gate. Then I knew. I jumped in full steam with no fear. Nothing but the grace of God has brought me to this place.”

A singer emerged from a stage on the water to perform “The Impossible Dream” as fireworks blazed overhead.

Tears streamed down the faces of the attendees as waiters quietly offered tissues in red velvet boxes.

Both former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young and former Brave and home run king Henry Aaron expressed how thrilled they were that Perry chose an often neglected section of the city for the multi-million dollar facility.

“It’s an absolute blessing for Atlanta,” Young said.

Added Aaron: “It’s wonderful to see him giving back to this neighborhood. Even when the city hosted the Olympics, this area never received this kind of assistance.”…y_studio

Chick that SHAQ is accused of stalking

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Clown a%& nukka

Shaquille O’Neal was expected in a Fulton County court today to face his accuser, Alexis Miller, but the case was pushed back again according to the AJC.

The legal saga involving NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and the Atlanta woman accusing him of stalking him has been extended again.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Karen Woodson issued a continuance on Wednesday afternoon, pushing the date the case is supposed to be heard back to Oct. 16.

O’Neal, the Phoenix Suns’ 7-foot-1, 325-pound center, is accused of stalking Alexis Miller, a 23-year-old hip-hop artist whose stage name is Maryjane.

Miller charges that O’Neal threatened her via e-mail and made harassing calls and threatened to torpedo her career after she broke off a relationship with him in July.

Judge Richard Hicks initially issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting O’Neal from coming within 200 yards of Miller or her 19-month-old son in August. Woodson recently extended the order

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[youtube euafWnqidko]

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