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Sparring Starts as Republicans Ponder Future

Nov 11, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Politics

Newt Gingrich, in New York on Monday, said Republicans should be honest “about the level of failure for the past eight years.”

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WASHINGTON — One week after the Republicans were routed in the presidential election, the fight is on over who will be the new leaders of the party. Republicans are debating how to position themselves ideologically and how aggressively to take on President-elect Barack Obama.

The competition to fill the vacuum left by Senator John McCain’s defeat — and by the unpopularity of President Bush as he prepares to leave office — will be on full display at a Republican Governors Association meeting beginning Wednesday in Miami.

The session will showcase a roster of governors positioning themselves as leaders or future presidential candidates, including Sarah Palin of Alaska, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Charlie Crist of Florida, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

At the same time, Republicans representing diverse views about the party’s direction are preparing to fight for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, a prominent post when the party is out of the White House. The current chairman, Mike Duncan, has signaled that he wants to stay on after his term expires in January, but he is facing challenges from leaders in Florida, Mississippi and South Carolina, among other states. (more…)

Racism or Bad Journalism? You be the Judge…..

Nov 11, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: News, Politics

these mutha*&&%$ did not print 1 thing about Obama winning the election…….

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Posted By: ClevelandDawg216

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Newt Gingrich has let it be known that, if Republicans want him, the former U.S House speaker is willing to serve as chairman of the national party and lead it out of the wilderness it’s blundered into.

The question is whether the 168-member Republican National Committee is open to the match.

“If a majority of the RNC thought he was needed, he would accept that appointment,” said Randy Evans’ Gingrich’s close friend and legal counsel. “He fully appreciates the urgency of the moment.”

What might strike some as coyness is in fact caution. The odds are stacked against the former Georgia congressman, for several reasons.

For one thing, six days after the election of Barack Obama and substantial gains by Democrats in the House and Senate, Republicans have yet to decide whether a serious overhaul of the party is required.

If a revolution is in order, then there’s the small matter of which side is issued the pitchforks, and whose castle is to be stormed. Is this a fight to purge moderates, or a battle to expand the tent? (more…)

Grandparents played big part in Obama story

Nov 9, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: Opinions, Politics

By Cynthia Tucker
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In a heartbreaking twist, Madelyn Dunham — her grandchildren called her “Toot” — died less than 48 hours before her grandson was elected the first black president of the United States. Let’s hope she knew that he would reach the pinnacle of American politics; she had as much to do with the man he became as anyone.

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama often used his Kansas-born grandparents as stand-ins for ordinary Americans who worked hard, loved their country, played by the rules. Yet there was something about Stanley and Madelyn Dunham that was not at all ordinary. For white Americans of their time and place, they showed an extraordinary willingness to set aside the social customs of the day to embrace, to love, even to adore their biracial grandson.

These days, it’s hard to remember how unusual that was. All around us, in big cities and small towns, we see interracial couples and their progeny. I’ve seen plenty of white grandparents holding little kinky-haired dark-skinned toddlers.

But when Obama was born in 1961, that was not only unusual but also frightening in many quarters of an America that still observed a strict color line. The open acceptance of interracial marriage (or even sexual liaisons) didn’t just upset the status quo; it didn’t just represent a staggering blow to convention; it also drove a dagger into centuries-old notions of racial purity. (more…)

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(CNN) — The head of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team said Sunday that the incoming administration is conducting an extensive review of President Bush’s executive orders.

Asked about reports that the transition team already has identified a number of areas where Obama could issue executive orders as soon as he takes office, John Podesta said he would not “preview decisions that [Obama] has yet to make.”

“I would say that as a candidate, Sen. Obama said that he wanted all the Bush executive orders reviewed and decide which ones should be kept and which ones should be repealed and which ones should be amended, and that process is going on. It’s been undertaken,” Podesta said Sunday on “Fox News.”

Podesta pointed out that there is a lot the president can do without waiting for Congress, and voters can expect to see Obama do so to try and restore “a sense that the country is working on behalf of the common good.”

“I think that we’re looking at — again, in virtually every agency to see where we can move forward, whether that’s on energy transformation, on improving health care, on stem cell research,” he said.

Podesta, chief of staff under President Clinton, is president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank that he founded.

Podesta said Sunday that preparations for Obama’s transition have been in the works since early August. (more…)

Palin Blamed for increase in Obama Death Threats

Nov 9, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: News, Politics

By Tim Shipman in Washington
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Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

The Republican vice presidential candidate attracted criticism for accusing Mr Obama of “palling around with terrorists”, citing his association with the sixties radical William Ayers.

The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling “terrorist” and “kill him” until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.

But it has now emerged that her demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to go even further.

The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin’s attacks.

Michelle Obama, the future First Lady, was so upset that she turned to her friend and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett and said: “Why would they try to make people hate us?” (more…)

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

Nov 5, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: News, Politics

President-Elect Barack Obama speaks to America from his home town of Chicago, IL
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BARACK OBAMA: 44th president of the United States

Nov 5, 2008 Author: VP | Filed under: News, Politics


BARACK OBAMA: 44th president of the United States


By Cameron McWhirter
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, calling for equal rights for black Americans, he was never so bold to suggest that one day a black man could become the nation’s chief executive.

Forty-five years later, Sen. Barack Obama became the first African-American president-elect of the United States after the longest, costliest and largest election in the country’s history.

“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer,” the 47-year-old Democrat told an estimated crowd of 100,000 gathered in and around Grant Park in his hometown of Chicago Tuesday night.

When news organizations declared Obama the victor, the crowds exploded in jubilation.

“It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America,” he declared before a backdrop of U.S. flags. (more…)

It’s the final 2 days of the Presidential campaign and John McCain desperately needs Pennsylvania in his column to win. With the race tightening in the final days, the Pennsylvania GOP felt the need to drag out Rev. Wright to see if they could help Sen. McCain across the finish line in first place.

Senator McCain said he wouldn’t touch the Rev. Wright controversy, but here he is. – Veston
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